Q: You look so great. But I'm wondering -- how do you feel? How soon after you began eating clean and losing weight did you feel a change? Can you explain how different you feel, if at all? You always hear that people "feel so good" when they're health nuts, but I'm wondering specifically what it feels like. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

love this q- I feel pretty awesome I’m not going to lie. I started to really feel a change like -20lbs gone. Eventually when I got under 200 for the first time in my adult life it was an incredible feeling. Physically I feel completely different, I wake up and don’t need coffee to get my going in the morning because I have so much energy now. My skin is much clearer and my nails and hair are even heather. It’s hard to explain but overall I feel like a completely different person… because I am a completely different person. I used to have so much weight on me that when I would got out with friends I couldn’t walk very far because my knees and feet would kill me. I can remember feeling the heaviness of all that weight with every step I took- now I finally feel free. I have a ways to go but I am very happy with where i am right now. I feel great and couldn’t image going back to the way I used to be! 

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