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Q: what do you recommend for post-workout snacks/meals? i know a protein shake is best but i don't know if i can follow through with that so i wanna know some alternatives. thank you so much!

 I like to stick with an easily digestible form of protein like low fat milk, protein powders, white fish or egg whites and some carbs. You want fats to take longer for nutrients to migrate from the stomach to the lower gastrointestinal tract where the majority of digestion takes place. Peanut butter is a great source of healthy fats but pre- workout is better so it has longer to digest and provides you with enough fuel to power through. 

  • low fat chocolate milk (silk almond milk)
  • tuna on whole wheat
  • eggs / egg whites / hard boiled 
  • piece of chicken 
  • protein shake
  • greek yogurt
  • cottage cheese with fruit
  • Veggie omelet with toast or roll
  • vegetable stir-fry with chicken, shrimp, edamame or tofu
  • wheat crackers with low fat cheese

just for kicks here is some pre-workout food ideas too…

  • whole-wheat crackers with a little peanut butter
  • protein bar / protein shake
  • banana with peanut butter
  • apple with peanut butter
  • low fat greek yogurt with fruit
  • oatmeal with some sliced almonds
  • fruit salad with some chia seeds
  • tortilla with hummus and turkey

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