Somedays I wake up and have an intense urge to pack a suitcase, dye my hair, change my number and never look back.


that’s a good idea

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Q: It's really hot in Florida and today I was walking in a skirt with some friends and realized for the first time that my legs weren't rubbing together anymore. I cried in the middle of H&M and just thought I would share because I used to get the most intense rashes on the inside of my legs and wouldn't enjoy my summers.

I have tears in my eyes because reading this brought me right back to a horrible memory of asking my grandmother to buy me baby powder one day after the beach. I even remember laying in bed with a wet cloth trying to cool my skin because the burning was that intense. UGH never again. If anything that memory will hopefully keep me from getting to that point again. 

I’m so proud of you.. thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to say the same. The thought of it makes me smile and gives me hope. 

Make this summer the best one yet !!

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